My Journey In Direct Sales

I started my cosmetic Direct Sales business like so many others, NERVOUS yet EXCITED!  And I called my Mom to announce my decision and she said, “Oh man, why would you do that?  Now that’s a SCAM.”  


Uh-Oh!  Bummer.  Not quite the reception I had hoped for.   I’ll fill you in a little later about what she thinks about my involvement now.

At this time in my life, I was a recent college graduate and had just landed my dream job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 company.  

About 6 months into it, I realized that there must be more to life than working 9-6 everyday making money for someone else at the top.  But, I stayed for another 3 years because I had a great paycheck, a free car, a free laptop, great benefits and I worked from home.  


But I truly was yearning for something MORE.  I knew there was a greater life in store for me outside of the corporate rat race.  But I didn’t know where I would find it.


As luck would have it, my co-worker told me that his wife worked a full-time job and sold cosmetics on the side of her full time job for fun, to help women feel great, make extra cash and she got her makeup at 50% off!  


And he mentioned the amazing opportunities with the company and unlimited growth potential and I could feel my heart race with excitement.  It sounded so exciting and gave me TONS of HOPE that there was a life outside of the corporate rat race!  I needed HOPE!  

Problem was, I didn’t know a thing about makeup or skincare and I didn’t know ANYONE I could sell to. 

But, after joining, I found out that they teach you everything you need to know!  And anyone that is teachable and coachable can also learn the simple steps to be a success.  

I had actually read a book that year called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and it changed my thinking.


I wanted a bigger life than the life I had as a child (more on that later) and in the book the author says the worlds most successful people become wealthy one of three ways:

  • Owning a home based business.

  • Owning a small business. 

  • Owning real estate. 

Wealthy folks DO NOT work 9-5 for someone else making someone else rich. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know being wealthy doesn’t buy happiness, but having extra money gives you choices and with choices comes the freedom to impact the lives of your family and the world around you. 

So I followed the advice of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and decided to take a chance.  Buying real estate or opening my own business was out of the question because of the money required, but I could afford to open a home based business! 

So, I opened a home based direct sales business with a top cosmetic company.  I joined nervous, scared, shy, short on time and knowing few people.  


But, I joined with a dream.  A dream that could change my life and ultimately impact the lives of others.  

The first event I attended was mind-blowing.  There was a lady in the room who just earned a free car and another one who was making six figures a year.  And yet another, who was a millionaire, making this seem all too good to be true! But I wanted to be a part of it!

And I wish I could tell you that I was a fast starter, but I wasn’t.

When I joined, there was no text message and no Facebook so the only advice I was given was to talk to strangers and really put myself out there.  Now, that idea makes me want to vomit as a reserved person, so for six years I barely told anyone I sold cosmetics.  


Imagine that!  But I did like the idea that I had a plan B just in case I lost my job.  I also enjoyed getting my products at 50% off and selling to about 5 accidental customers I picked up along the way.

And as it turns out, I’m glad I had a Plan B.  I lost my job in March of 2009.  

And I needed money.  Faced with $15,000 in credit card debt plus college loans, I decided to get serious about my business while I contemplated finding another job.  


So I hopped online to find a mentor in the company to help me.


And as luck would have it, the one I happened to pick online was a pretty good one.  Living only two miles down the road from me, there was a lady who had earned 12 free Cadillacs and had earned over 3 million dollars in career earnings!  


And, guess what?  She suffers from social anxiety disorder!  She hates talking in front of people and actually fainted at her first direct sales party!  So she totally gave me hope that I could do this.  


She showed me the ropes and following her simple system of using simple text messages to set appointments, I made over $1000 my first month.  I continued using her system and 6 months later I made over $5000 and earned a free car with car insurance included!  And that was it!  

I determined, “This is what I will do FOREVER!!”  

And that was 10 years ago for me and I have never looked back.

My paycheck has continued to grow for the past 10 years and I was able to use the extra money to pay off ALL my credit card and college loan debt.  I now not only live debt free but I've been able to accumulate enough savings to position myself for a very comfortable living.


It is SUCH a freeing feeling.  And I now have the ability to give back frequently, generously and anonymously.  

I want to make as much money as I can every day so I can bless others around me.  It’s my passion to give back as others did to me as a child.


Loving children impact this world in such a HUGE way. I believe loves makes the world go around and we need more of it everywhere.


I'm a product of that love so whenever I can help a family in need or a child in need, my heart is pulled in that direction.  


If I could adopt all the little children of the world that need love, that would be my calling.  I just adore kids.

I believe all women should live completely debt-free lives so they have choices.

When you put it in perspective, the material things do not matter.


Lives matter. People & their dreams matter. 


Yes, I’ve earned 4 diamond rings, countless prizes like flat screen tv’s, microwaves, jewelry, luggage sets, fancy purses and name brand sunglasses and on and on.  


I have earned 5 free cars and I currently drive my two kids around in the coveted Cadillac my company gives away to top producers.  

But again, it always comes back to the idea that what matters is not so much the material things, but it's the lives changed in the journey.  I've learned that having extra money buys choices for you and your family.


Choices to help others around you.  

Choices to live the life you dreamed of.

Choices to buy any groceries your family wants.  

Choices to go on extra vacations.  

Choices to buy homes.  

Choices to buy gifts for those in need.

Choices to surprise those you love with a visit.  

Choices to give back to your community.  

Choices that impact lives forever.  

Choices to change the world in a bigger way.

CHOICES.  Lots of Choices.

Today, I lead a team of over 1,000 of incredibly successful women all over the nation!  In the past three years, we have sold over $10 million in products! 


We are now one of the fastest and largest growing teams in the nation and my passion is seeing everyone I meet achieving their dreams in life!  I just want to pass it on.  

Today, I’m showing others how they can live a life without a BOSS!  Where you can set your own hours and work your business around your life, kids, and family.  You can wake up when you want.  You can go on vacations when you feel like it and you can spend time with your family.  


This business is incredible because I only work 10-15 hours a week away from my kiddos and the rest of the time, I am a Mom.


I feel blessed to be able to share with other women that you truly can have it all.

You can be home, you can be a wonderful mother, an amazing wife and you can run your own lucrative business.  And, if you’d like to hire a little help around the house, you CAN! 


Because with a direct sales business, you can afford it.  Over time, my priorities have shifted and I am now able to put faith first, family second and my career third.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking that you want to help others, learn how to be an entrepreneur, make more friends or overcome your shyness.  


Or maybe you need to make an extra $200 a week or you have a desire to make millions so you can give back to others. Joining Direct Sales can be the answer to your prayers.

And as far as my Mom goes, she is my #1 fan and supporter now.  She is actually on my Direct Sales team and sells to her little friends here and there.  And she proudly drives around in my Cadillac with me and LOVES it.  


Years ago, she didn’t have enough information to know what this opportunity truly could do for my life.  

Life hasn’t always been easy for me. My life today is a result of my determination and hustle.  

A quick snapshot of my childhood would not look anything like my life today. We came from very little.  My parents divorced when I was 6 and my mom was left with three children under 8. She had no job and she had to find a way to provide for us.  


She did whatever it took, opening a daycare in our home and adding odd jobs here and there.  It wasn’t always enough to pay the bills and we would frequently run out of food so we’d visit the local church pantry for food.  


We occasionally stayed in shelters and I always felt a little scared as a child that we might lose our house.  

On many Christmases, our only gifts were from the local residents in our town.  Our Easter Bunny came but he only brought peanuts and if you found the one carved with an ink smiley face, that was a big deal.  


As a child, I was surrounded by kids with plenty of food, money, toys, and lots of name brand new clothes.  I always remember feeling slightly inadequate and VERY different.

I learned a lot by watching my Mom struggle for money and I knew at the age of 6 that having money gave you freedom in life and choices.  I wanted more for my life and for my family.  

Money isn’t everything, but it does provide security, opportunities, and choices.  

I am so thankful for the struggle we had as children.  Because without the pain, there is no gain.  

I have used my childhood experiences as my reason for getting up every day because I want my family to have better opportunities and choices than I did as a child.  


I also want to be able to provide for anyone in my extended family that ever needs anything.  I am extremely motivated by the thought that my hard work can benefit others.  


In addition, I am so passionate about mentoring women from all walks of life to live their best life and Direct Sales happens to be the perfect vehicle for that. 

Truly, it doesn’t matter where you started in this life, it's about enjoying the wonderful journey along the way and learning from each experience.  


You have the power to change your course.  Today.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  You have one shot to live your dream life.  What are you waiting for?  Let your life story be your motivation for a better life, not your excuse.

I would love to hear from you!

Send me a message using the form below.  It will arrive in my email and on my Iphone.

With Respect for your time,
Michelle Cunningham

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