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How To Manage It All And Still Stay Sane

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Glad you are here.

If you are a direct seller, a network marketer or a home party rep, you're in the right place.

Here's your home for tons of resources, training and information to take your business to the next level.

The number ONE reason your business is stuck is that you need MORE. 


More leads, more sales, more teammates.  You just need more. 


Consider this your space where you can find just that.

- Michelle Cunningham

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Michelle Cunningham is a 17-year veteran in the network marketing industry, a pioneering leader, and a sought-after online trainer.


She resides in North Carolina and is happily married with two children, a ten-year-old boy, and a six-year-old little girl. 

She led her team to sell eight-figures using a very simple introverted strategy that nets massive results. And today she trains other network marketers and entrepreneurs to make more money on autopilot using the power of social media.


Her training has impacted the lives of millions of other network marketers around the world. 

Have you grabbed a copy of Michelle's New Book on Amazon?  It's a step-by-step playbook filled with hilarious stories of how Michelle built her network marketing business sharing successes and failures along the way.

Do It Anyway, Girl is available on Amazon.

'Michelle Cunningham is directly responsible for my business exploding because of her simple and duplicatable systems. 

She has learned all the things for network marketing that works as well as what doesn’t work. 


She takes all of her knowledge and presents it in a symbol manor to help everyone succeed. Instead of having to make the same mistakes she has Michelle gives you a blueprint of how to succeed faster, more efficiently and more abundantly. I owe her a huge acknowledgment for completely transforming my business.'

Stephanie  - Top 1% Network Marketer

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Free Resources

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Let's get organized.  

One of the simplest secrets to success is to bring your work area into a zone that creates harmony and allows your creative juices to flow.

Grab my free 15-minute video training & office printable on how to get your space organized so you can show up as your best self.


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You are made for more.

Does this stuff work?

“Michelle has taught me so many organizational skills, marketing tips, basically how to run my business!!

I’ve seen increased organization and sales from following her methods.

I love that she is ‘current’ and speaks to all ages..” - Christy

“What I love about her style is she is honest and it’s simple to understand what she is teaching. 

Plus I like how her CHILDREN are with her, showing me it is great to allow my child to be a part of the business with me.” - Angela

“Michelle has taught me how to keep excited about my business and how to deliver my message!

I love her positive and upbeat personality.  After her training, I’m not afraid to approach anyone.” - Michelle

“Michelle has taught me to get out of my comfort zone. I’m also an introvert and it’s fantastic to learn from a successful introvert.  She’s also taught me how to get organized with my business and the correct scripts to say to book appointments and hold them.  I now feel less stressed and more confident.

I feel like Michelle is one of my girlfriends and I can trust her. She’s always positive and uplifting!” - Kerrie

“Michelle has taught me to be real, to stay focused, to have fun.  I’ve learned to talk to people in a very personal manner instead of reading non-personal scripts. I am thrilled that she manages to be SO GIVING of her knowledge!!  She is so very generous with helping everybody. And with such a huge networking marketing team, I cannot imagine how she does it. But I am thrilled” - Faye

Michelle has shown me how to effectively lead generate and get appointments to actually hold. I’m so thankful for her super simple, easy-to-follow systems that work and her knowledge for direct sales, as well as effectively team building! I can’t say enough good things about Michelle and all her amazing trainings!!  Some of the changes I’ve seen in my business are growth in leads! Growth in my business as well as learning to connect with ladies at my appointments/parties. Michelle is completely amazing and so ‘others-focused’! She truly loves helping others.  I’m so thankful for all her help and trainings! It’s made a huge difference in my business and I will forever be thankful.” - Shamecca

“Michelle has really taught me a TON about consistency.  Everyone has pitfalls, but so what? Keep on going. I love that she doesn’t let the ‘no’s stop her or get her down. She moves on to the next.  By following her methods I’ve changed my business to keep it simple and clean – in everything.” - Kasey

"First off, I really do appreciate you.  Sometimes I overwhelm myself with thinking.  And so just having your words, whenever you share, brings it back for me.  It makes it a step easier and makes it sound not so hard.  It just gives me the motivation to go do something.  Your WORDS are WISE.  You are full of wisdom.  And I absolutely, absolutely appreciate you.  Four years ago, I was watching your stuff and learning from you and it revolutionized my business. I am now in the top of my networking marketing company, driving a free car." - Lauren

"Michelle has taught me to come out of my shell and be more bold with booking appointments and adding team members. I love that she keeps it simple and takes the pressure off of trying to be so perfect and proper. I’ve seen more attentive and engaged guests at my parties, because we’re having fun.  Michelle is Amazing! I had the opportunity to meet her and take a picture with her 2 years ago and I have it framed in a collage in my office. I absolutely love her style! She makes our business simple! Love You Michelle!!!” - Modesta

“Michelle has taught me how to just be normal and honest with your business. Her down to earth personality makes learning and listening so easy.  I’ve also learned to just do it and not overthink everything. Since doing that, I have built confidence in myself to be normal and have fun because this business is just that. My mindset and business have changed.  Michelle’s lead box videos are the and they WORK. In the past 6 months I have gained 7-8 team new members from my 8-10 lead boxes that I have out!” - Lisa

“By using the facial boxes and scripts I was able to double my income and was the #1 rep for our entire team. Michelle, you’re amazingly real on your videos!  Thank you for sharing your stories, scripts and ideas!  You showed me that even us quiet ones can make it all work!”- Stephanie

"I’ve learned from Michelle how to keep my parties and follow up with customers!  Things have changed now; I have a much more positive mindset and I don’t let the little things derail me!! You are amazing and beautiful and I can’t thank you enough!!” - Lisa

“I have loved listening to Michelle over the past 5 years. She has really helped me learn how to work my business while being home with my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. When I am discouraged or having a tough day I always something of hers to listen to! I have learned to keep it simple sweetie (K.I.S.S.). By providing people with simple facts it helps keep the process simple and straightforward. I have also learned not to take the "no's" personally. When you keep your datebook full and have enough referrals/leads to contact, a "no" stands for "next one”! I have realized that everyone who has ever been successful in direct sales has faced their own challenges. I have become more intentional with my time and realized this business is all about the numbers!” - Amber

“Michelle has taught me how to get leads, create lead jars, and use magical scripts that work to book those leads.  It's super easy to implement.  All of her training is just so awesome and easy to use and her enthusiasm is contagious!  I got to meet her in Feb 2017 for a quick training and it was better than meeting any Hollywood movie star, hands down!!! She is just so very sweet and personal and she makes you fee like YOU matter!!!” - Kim

“Michelle teaches perseverance and determination. She’s very humble and doesn’t come across pushy at all.

That’s why she’s so successful. I’ve learned how to keep myself excited about my business and how to deliver my message. Because of it, I’ve seen an increase in productivity and customers..” - Michelle

“The changes I’ve seen in my business are incredible! Because of Michelle's training, I now focus more on the ‘I would love to do something for you’ approach. Also I’m having more fun in the business! I love love love Michelle’s approach to setting up appointments to team building…all of it! Every time I watch one of her videos, I want to sign up all over again! She speaks in real people language! (and those kids are ADORABLE! Love watching them grow up!)” - DeeDee

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