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My name is Michelle Cunningham 

and I love helping network marketers to create a life you love without spending extra time doing so.


The good news about my story is that it gives ANYONE hope.  My start in networking marketing was not impressive at all. 


After I joined at the age of 23, they told me to talk to people in parking lots about my product.  Now, I am an introvert so that actually sounded horrifying to me. 


So, I proceeded to tell just 5 people I was involved with the company over the course of the next six years.  




I didn't know how to approach people.  I was scared they would think I was annoying.  I didn't want to get yelled at. I wanted everyone to like me and I didn't want to impose. I also lacked influence and ultimately, contacts.


As that doubt crept in, I was convinced I was not cut out for this sales thing. 


But, I loved it.  I loved the idea of what it could do for ones life.


So, I wasn't willing to give up.  Something in my heart told me to stick with it.  


At 29, I got fed up enough of my corporate job and the 60-80 hour work week, that was causing me insane amounts of stress and decided to build a life without a boss and more freedom.

So, I went online, found a lady who was a top producer living in my town, and the rest is history. She was soft spoken, kind, gentle, and suffered from social anxiety at times, yet she was a multi-millionaire.


She spoke my language.  Because of her, my life has been forever changed and we are still best friends today.


I've gone on to be a top recruiter and top seller within my company. 


I've won the highest honor in my company for being "giving" of my thoughts and ideas. I've been asked to train thousands of people at company events and I earn a multiple-six figure per year income.


Today, I lead a massive team of network marketers, over 1,000, which is rapidly expanding across the United States.  Last year alone, my area sold over $3,000,000 worth of products! 


I have a simple system that anyone who works in a home based party business can follow.


My passion is to pay it forward to others who want to succeed in this industry.

...and, so...

- Michelle Cunningham

...and the story continues

what other people say...


— Christy

Direct Sales Executive

“She made it seem POSSIBLE! She has a way of communicating that makes me feel like, ‘I got this!’


She was part of the reason I felt comfortable to move into a leadership position in my company. 


Michelle, I wanna be like you when I grow up! Seriously, thank you for sharing your methods.


I am a girl who likes to know what works, and what doesn’t! I appreciate you sharing your tools, training, and tips.  You are an integral part of my success in my business. Thank you!

@michellecunninghamonline ON INSTA


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