on point.





Thanks for everything you did at our event and for who you are!  FAB!  I admire you for your selfless but hilarious spirit that has excellence sprinkled all over it!  Your talks were on point and the delivery was razor sharp and unpretentious.  Thank you for the leadership and for sharing all you do with all of us less tech-savvy!

Shelly, Top Executive

Michelle Cunningham


I'm excited to hear from you and hear your vision for your PERFECT event. 


And I'd love to help make it memorable and spectacular. 


Admittedly so, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so everything I stamp my name on better be exceptional.  So, I BRING IT.


Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and Michelle will be in touch to see if a partnership would make sense for your business and vica versa.

gives it her all!

Michelle Cunningham



The simple 3 things you can changed to have massive impact at your home parties and become a recruiting machine.

Following this system, Michelle's team added 41 new team members in one month.

Passive Bookings

How to build a network marketing business without picking up the phone.  


Try these 5 simple changes you can make to get people to book appointments with you immediately.


for LIFE

How to never ever run out of local leads again following this simple plan.


The 5 things you can be doing every single day to net yourself a full datebook and more profits coming in.

Client Retention

The seven things you must be doing on a consistent basis to keep your clients happy and reordering from you.

Also, Michelle's shares her simple secret to creating more wealth weekly.




Your mind is a powerful tool.  Follow Michelle's ten step system for keeping a positive mind through the roller coaster of ups and downs this industry and life throws at you. 

closing your sale

Gain massive sales and results with Michelle's proven system to becoming a friend first. 


Her simple scripts and plans will change your thinking.

Massive growth system

When your network marketing business reaches a new level of growth, you need to adapt.  


How Michelle manages a family, a house, 1000's of clients and team members seamlessly utilizing technology.

Keeping your team alive


Inevitably, you build a team and they start to quit or give up on their dream. 


Using Michelle's unique 10 step process, your team will continue to multiply like wildfire.


— Christy

Direct Sales Executive

“She made it seem POSSIBLE! She has a way of communicating that makes me feel like, ‘I got this!’


She was part of the reason I felt comfortable to move into a leadership position in my company. 


Michelle, I wanna be like you when I grow up! Seriously, thank you for sharing your methods.


I am a girl who likes to know what works, and what doesn’t! I appreciate you sharing your tools, training, and tips.  You are an integral part of my success in my business. Thank you!

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