Welcome To The 90-Day Difference!

New 2021 Students:

Your custom workbook will be mailed to you

before the course begins on April 15th.

You can also download the workbook by clicking on the workbook images below. 

90-Day Difference | Full Workbook

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Week Two | Brand Strategy

Week 2.png

Week Four | The Email Opt-In

Week 4.png

Week Six | Emails & Call-To-Action

Week 6.png

Week Eight | Membership Area &

Facebook Groups

Week 8.png

Week Ten | Selling By Webinar

Week 10.png

Week One | Pinpointing Your Niche

Week 1.png

Week Three | Content Machine

Week 3.png

Week Five | The Freebie Giveaway

Week 5.png

Week Seven | Planning Your First Offer

Week 7.png

Week Nine | Promoting Your Offer

Week 9.png

Week Eleven | Crafting Your Offers

Week 11.png

Week Twelve | Running Facebook Ads

Week 12.png